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img physiorembert tratamientos de rehabilitación


Rehabilitation, i.e. after an accident or an operation, ofers the patient a range of therapeutic exercises to restore their functionality and quality of life. These exercises can restore, improve or maintain both the physical, mental and/or cognitive skills required for daily life.

img  tratamientos de terapia manual


A set of specifc manual techniques that work on all the systems of the human body, restoring lost body balance and activating the body's self-healing mechanisms. For this, not only the spine, joints and muscles, but also nerves, fasciae and organs are treated in addition to acting on diferent systems, such as endocrine, lymphatic, venous and arterial.

img tratamientos de Drenaje linfático


A massage technique that uses slow and smooth movements to stimulate the lymphatic system. This system is responsible for eliminating toxins and is essential for the proper functioning of the body's immune system.

img tratamientos de movilización neurodinámica


A manual mobilization technique is used to assess possible dysfunction of a peripheral nerve, as a possible cause of pain. It consists of assessing and treating neural tissue through slides and stretches.

img  tratamientos de reflexología podal


Massage is one of the oldest known therapeutic techniques. It is both a form of assessment by palpation, and a manual treatment of muscle and fascial chains

img tratamientos de masaje terapéutico


A therapeutic technique based on the stimulation of points on the feet called refex zones. It has countless health benefts including but not limited to: stress relief, activation of blood circulation and the immune system, improvement in quality of sleep, and eliminates toxins.

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